Wero Restaurant

Wero will be open for lunch on Saturday, March 24th and Sunday, March 25th from 11am – 5pm during our launch weekend for Virginia Dare Hard Apple Cider.

“Virginia Dare Winery highlights the genesis of American winemaking, so it makes sense that our new restaurant would celebrate our country’s indigenous foods. My goal is to present a menu inspired by the culinary traditions of the earliest inhabitants of North America.” - Francis Ford Coppola 

Often called the original “capital city” of Virginia, Werowocomoco, meaning “place of leadership,” was the center of the Powhatan Confederacy in the early 17th century under the paramount chief Powhatan, an Algonquian political and spiritual leader. 

In honor of its history, our restaurant, Wero, will feature unique fare that focuses on native ingredients with a zestful accent. Culinary designs such as fry bread tacos, bison ribs, and rotisserie chicken are a few of the most popular items. 

Check back soon to find out when we will be opening this spring!