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The Lost Colony Red Blend 2014

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Gold - 2016 Dan Berger Intl Wine Competition

Gold 94 Points - 2017 Winemaker's Challenge

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The Lost Colony is inspired by one of the great mysteries in American history, a disappearance that set the stage for the origin story of American wine. In 1587, Governor John White and 118 English colonists landed on Roanoke Island (now part of North Carolina), and set about establishing a permanent colony. A month later, White’s daughter gave birth to a baby girl. She was christened Virginia Dare, the first child of English parentage born in the New World. But times were hard for her struggling colony.  Governor White made a trip back to England, vowing to return promptly with aid, but he was delayed for three years by the Spanish-American war. When he finally returned, there was nobody there—the colony was lost without a trace. What happened? Were there any survivors? To this day, The Lost Colony remains a mystery. Nobody really knows what transpired, but it was rumored that a fair-haired baby girl was sometimes seen playing among the children of the Croatoan people. Was she Virginia Dare?

The 2014 vintage was excellent—one of those lovely vintages that make viticulturists and winemakers jobs look good. Pest pressures were at a minimum and the vintage started off slightly early, progressed smoothly, and ended a bit early as well. The red varietals in the 2014 vintage were especially expressive and concentrated, with big berry tones evident. Due to the fact that it takes a number of years of repeated low annual rainfall to have a significant effect on overall growing, the 2014 vintage was unscathed by California’s ongoing drought conditions. Around the vineyard, we’re calling 2014 a “three-peat,” as it comes on the heels of two prior fantastic vintages. It was a lovely year all around.

“2014 was the biggest and earliest vintage I’ve seen in my long career. The Malbec and Syrah showed very well and had excellent balance and concentration. Malbec gives spice and mineral tone, and contributes red stone-fruit flavors. The Syrah draws out the fruits’ forwardness and gives the wine its moderate weight on the palate, making an elegant complement to the Malbec.” —Sandy Walheim

A sophisticated red blend of Malbec and Syrah sourced from Dry Creek Valley, one of Sonoma County’s warmest appellations. Bright, lifted flavors of red and black stone-fruit are at the heart of the 2014 vintage’s graceful profile. Oak aging and varietal selection create an element of exoticism, with aromas of wood spice and sandalwood. A concentrated, fruit-forward choice with moderate tannins makes The Lost Colony an endlessly intriguing red that is both versatile and elegant. Pairs well with spiced foods. 

Blend:  47% Syrah, 42% Malbec, 10% Cabernet Franc, 1% Viognier

Alcohol:  13.8%

Barrel Regimen:  12 months in French oak.

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