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Pendleton Blankets

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Pendleton blankets - Beyond beautiful

Inspired by Native American legends

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Inspired by Native American legends and motifs, the patterns tell stories without speaking a word. Choose from the following blankets:

Bird Song Blanket - Birds and butterflies harmonize on the Bird Song Muchacho blanket. The joyful design is inspired by the Tree of Life pattern, a traditional Navajo pictorial rug from the 1840s. It features a bevy of bright birds that represent children in the classic pattern. They are chirping their songs and flitting to and fro among their butterfly friends. The carefree scene echoes the natural innocence and spontaneity of children the world over. Butterflies are often a symbol of transformation in Native American art, and their presence may hint at the changes that come with growing up. But for now these free-spirited playmates delight in their cheery melodies.

Napped, felt bound. 82% pure virgin wool / 18% cotton. Dry clean. Made in the USA. Size: 32" x 44"

Eagle Blanket - This blanket represents an ancient story often told by Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell. In this story a Cheyenne warrior freed an eagle from the antlers of an elk. For helping to free him, the eagle gave the man a gift - a beautiful stallion covered with spots just like the eagle's feathers. 

Made in the USA. 82% pure virgin wool / 18% cotton. Felt bound. Dry clean. Unnapped. Size: 39" x 68"

Navajo Water Blanket - Based on an early 20th-century photograph by Edward S. Curtis, this blanket incorporates classic Navajo elements in an eye-dazzling pattern. The central dragonfly, an emblem of water, symbolizes life.

Made in the USA. 82% pure virgin wool / 18% cotton. Felt bound. Dry clean. Unnapped. Size: 64" x 80"

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