The Legends Two Arrowheads

One to break the curse

Another to slay the doe

Love lost to revenge

But how was the hunter to know?

The Legends

TWO ARROWHEADS takes us back to the forest and the hunt for the mythical White Doe. Many believe the survivors of the mysterious Lost Colony of Roanoke found shelter with the nearby Croatoan tribe, led by Manteo. Among them may have been Virginia Dare, the first child of English descent born in the New World. The girl grew into a beautiful woman; she loved a young warrior named Okisko, but a jealous suitor put a spell on her. As legend has it, the fair maiden was transformed into a snow-white deer.

Many men chased the white doe, seeking to capture her elusive spirit and to prove their worth as warriors. Okisko, her true love, carried an enchanted arrow that would restore the doe to human form. Another hunter, Wanchese, shot to kill. As luck would have it, both men shot true, and the two arrowheads found their target at the exact same time. The white doe turned back into a beautiful woman, but it was too late; the warrior’s arrow had pierced her heart. The doe fell. Legend has it that in the same spot, a grapevine grew—the scuppernong, the first wine grapes cultivated in North America, now known as the Mother Vine. As the white doe’s blood soaked the soil, the grapes on the vine turned from white to red. With her last breath, the maiden revealed her true name, the name she had been born with: Virginia Dare.

TWO ARROWHEADS is a luscious blend of Viognier and Roussanne from the calcareous soils of Paso Robles. Made with grapes grown in the warm California sun and cooled by mild breezes from the Pacific Ocean, TWO ARROWHEADS is fermented partially in oak and finished in stainless steel. This is a round and aromatic wine, offering a beautiful perfume of white peaches, guava, orange blossom, and nutmeg followed by flavors of passionfruit, and melon.


Sandy Walheim

71% Viognier, 25% Roussanne, 4% Chenin Blanc


Stainless steel.

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