The White Doe
Two Arrowheads
The Lost Colony

Eclectic American Blends

The Legends

When history meets myth…we encounter a legend.

The resurrection of the Virginia Dare brand began in 2014 in Sonoma County with the release of four new wines—White Doe, Manteo, Two Arrowheads, and The Lost Colony. Each of the four wines, released over the course of a year, in turn reveals a different aspect of the Virginia Dare legend. These stories are rooted in the origins of the "Mother Vine," a scuppernong grapevine on Roanoke Island, North Carolina, and in the fate of one of the first English settlements in the New World, which mysteriously disappeared without a trace. What remain are the enduring tales of mythical and mysterious characters—each of which grace the labels of our eclectic American blends. Ultimately, the trail of clues and characters led to the name of our winery: Virginia Dare.


2016 Dan Berger International Wine Competition

The Lost Colony