Our Wines

Virginia Dare brings to life the myths, people, and history of American winemaking, celebrating a heritage that goes back more than 400 years. We make American wine the way it’s always been made: by taking the best the land has to give us and nurturing the quality and character of our fruit from vineyard to bottle.

Crafted in the heart of California wine country, Virginia Dare wines are rich with characteristics befitting their legend. Pure. Natural. Distinctive. A true American original.

The Legends

Each of these five wines reveals a different aspect of the Virginia Dare legend. Ultimately, their trail of clues and characters led to the name of our winery: Virginia Dare.

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The Virginia Dare Showcase Wines

Crafted exclusively with grapes from Sonoma County, these Showcase Wines pay homage to the legendary Virginia Dare herself, with bottles reminiscent of the original Virginia Dare wines first crafted in 1835.

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