Lost Colony Society FAQ

How does Lost Colony Society membership work?
Discover the wonders of your palate as you explore each shipment, tasting the nuances of the varietals, vintages, and new wines from Virginia Dare Winery.

Lost Colony Society members will receive 4 shipments per year (February, May, October, and December). Each shipment will contain 4 bottles of handcrafted wines per shipment. These wines are exclusively allocated for our Lost Colony Society members to be among the first to taste our new vintages.

As new wines are created and released, you will receive the exclusive first bottling in your shipment which will be delivered right to your door step, giving you the chance to indulge and discover the unique wines of Virginia Dare Winery.

Are there any initiation or annual fees due?
There are no initial membership fees or annual fees - you are only charged for the wine you receive in each shipment, at your membership discount! You may join at any time throughout the year, and upon joining, you will receive the current shipment (Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter). After your initial shipment, you will be sent wine in the months of February, May, October, and December. Your card will only be charged at the time of each shipment.

How long is my commitment to the Lost Colony Society?
We would love for you to be a member of the society for all of time, but understand if you need to close your membership. After you receive your first shipment, there is no further obligation. Please email us with your cancellation notification at

How do the charges work for member shipments?
Shipments are scheduled throughout the year, with the initial release in February, May, October, and December. Prior to each shipment, an email is sent notifying you of what will be in your shipment, as well as the total shipment price. Your card on file is charged on the date indicated, and your shipment is sent in the following days. The charge will be the retail value of your shipment, less your member discount, plus any applicable tax and shipping charges.

How do I receive my membership discounts online?
Upon signing up and receiving your shipment, your benefits begin right away! To shop online utilizing your Lost Colony Society benefits and discounts, start at our Sign In page. Your Login ID is your email address that you provided on your membership application. Next, click the "Forgot Password?" link below the Login button. An email will be sent allowing you to set your password to your preference. If you do not receive this e-mail, contact Customer Service at (707)735-3545 or email for further assistance.

Why is a signature required for delivery?
A signature of someone 21 or older is required for all deliveries that contain alcoholic beverages. For your ease and convenience, we encourage a business address for your shipment. If you are having challenges receiving your shipments, please call us so we may provide you alternative solutions.

Do members receive benefits at other local establishments?
As a member of Lost Colony Society, you are eligible for discounted rates and exclusive packages at some of the most popular hotels and transportation services in the area. Please contact the Lost Colony Society at for details.

I want to purchase a gift membership; how does that work?
A Lost Colony Society membership always makes a great gift. We will send all shipments and membership materials to your gift recipient and your credit card will be charged for the shipments shortly before they are sent. Your gift recipient receives all of the benefits that come with being a member. We will also send them a membership packet, membership card, and gift notification shortly after you sign them up. You may choose the length of membership when you enroll them, or enroll them indefinitely! If you would like to open a membership for someone, please reach out to us by email at or call us at (707)735-3567.

What do you use my email address for?
So we can send you information about every new adventure, exciting news, and fun events that are coming up! We also email you about what wine will be delivered to your door step, invite you to exclusive events and happenings, and send you insider information about what is coming up next! Don't worry - we promise to never share and never sell your email address. (If you would like additional information on our privacy policy, you can view it here).

My shipment was returned... now what?!
Don't worry, please email us and we would be happy to assist you!

How do I contact Lost Colony Society?
We are here to help! Whether you need assistance updating your account, have a question about a recent shipment, or just want to chat about wine, we would love to hear from you! Contact us by email at or call us at (707)735-3567.