Service Attendant
Geyserville, CA, United States

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 


  • Provides fast and friendly service.
  • Deliver food to customers when necessary.
  • Communication to the kitchen and Service Attendants food needs and orders pertaining to guest service
  • Ensuring all food that is served to the guest and stocked on the line, is to the quality prescribed
  • Ensures that all food going to guests is accurately built according to recipe specification or guest request
  • Make sure all food items are served in the proper portions for guest as outlined by management
  • Correct handling and covering of food according to hygiene regulations
  • Properly processes all take-out orders for quality and accuracy
  • Make sure all food items are accountable according to the POS check
  • Stock station and complete all delegated side work in order to set up next crew member for success
  • Maintain a clean and organized dining room/patio throughout your shift, through clearing, wiping and    disposing of trash in proper receptacle.
  • Any other tasks as deemed necessary by managers in order to fulfill the obligations of the winery


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:  

  • Must have previous food or customer service experience
  • Ability to Focus and Stay in Control of service line procedures while keeping the line moving forward  
  • Quality Control of all food on the service line
  • Ability to communicate over the phone and process proper /accurate take-out orders in a quick and efficient manner
  • Complete Understanding of Restaurant Service Flow
  • Ability to clear, wipe reset tables and dispose of trash in a three tier system
  • Ability to Work under Pressure and maintain a good attitude throughout the shift

 Exceptional coordination and multitasking skills.

  •  High level of professionalism
  •  Excellent communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills (people skills)



Physical: Ability to stand and operate equipment in excess of seven (7) hours a day. This position requires bending and standing (long periods of time in hot conditions), walking and lifting (40 lbs.)


Other: Required to be a certified safe food handler. Basic English speaking and reading skills desired.

Physical Demands:

N (Not Applicable) - Activity is not applicable to this occupation

O (Occasionally) - Occupation requires this activity up to 33% of the time (0-2.5+hrs/day)

F (Frequently) - Occupation requires this activity from 33% - 66% of the time (2.5-5.5+ hrs/day)

C(Constantly) - Occupation requires this activity more than 66% of the time (5.5+ hrs/day)


Stand – C, Walk – C, Sit – O, Handling/Fingering – C, Reaching Outward – C, Reaching Above Shoulder – C, Climb – O, Crawl – N, Squat or Kneel –C, Bend – C, Working at the computer - N



10 lbs or Less, C

11 – 20 lbs, F

21 – 50 lbs, O

51 – 100 lbs, O

Over 100 lbs, N



12 lbs or Less, C

13-25 lbs, O

26-40 lbs, O

41-100 lbs, O


Other Physical Requirements

Vision (Near, Distance)

Sense of Sound (i.e. Machinery/tractor sounds)

Sense of Touch

Ability to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (Steel toe boots, safety glasses)


Work Environment: Restaurant


Other: (Includes licenses, certificates, age, etc.)

Safety Statement

All employees shall follow safe practices according to the injury and illness Prevention Policy (IIPP), render every possible aid to safe operations, and report all unsafe conditions or practices immediately to any management employee or Human Resources.

Posted: August 16, 2017